Fall 2021 Auditions

Auditions for A Small Pair of Feet in the Middle of the Sea by Kit Steinkeller, our first production of the 2021-2022 season, are coming up soon and are open to all UNI students!

This “whimsical drama” is a radical retelling of the Greek myth of Icarus, the boy who flew too close to the sun. At times silly and at times somber, Feet is a lyrical look at what it means to find love in remarkable circumstances and an examination of who deserves second chances. For the safety of our audiences, we will hold outdoor performances only (September 29 to October 3.) Cast members may be asked to return to campus in the week prior to the fall semester. TheatreUNI will cover dorm costs for those that need it.

Auditions will be done by video submissions of brief scenes provided by TheatreUNI. Be sure you are logged into your UNI account via Google to access the sides. Videos will be due by 5:00pm on Thursday, April 15

You need to provide your own reader - a person who is off-camera reading the other lines in the scene. You do not need to memorize the material. 


The script for the show and audition sides are available here. Please upload your audition video at https://tinyurl.com/spfAud.

Callbacks will be held live and outdoors in the Kamerick Courtyard (weather permitting) on Saturday, April 17 in the afternoon.



1. Always film horizontally if using a phone. If you are using an iPhone keep in mind that the quality of the front-facing camera isn’t as good as the back-facing camera.

2. Don’t stand too far away. A medium shot (chest up) will be perfect for a self-tape audition. Don’t be too close! We don’t need to see every pore in your face! 

3. Stay inside the frame. Make sure there is not too much nor too little space (cutting off your head) in the frame above you.

4.  Use a stable tripod, shelf, textbooks, etc. for steady camera work. The department has ring lights for you to check out for this process which are the best resource. 

5.  Camera height should be at, or even slightly above, the actor’s eye-line. Place your reader standing as close to the ring light/camera as possible. Even though you are reading and on camera, remember that this is a scene! Give and take. Listen and receive.  

7. Pay attention to background, lighting and sound. A clean, simple background is perfect so that you are the highlight of the submission, not your movie poster wall. Don’t wear anything that may blend into the backdrop (ie, don’t stand in front of a black curtain wearing a black shirt or dress) Wear what you would wear at an audition. Light should be bright enough to see you and your facial expressions, without washing you out. 

8. Record a few samples to check sound a few times to assure the quality and volume are at good levels. 

10. The Slate - For this audition, all you have to do is say your name at the top. When you are finished, take a beat and hold your space and simply say, “Thank you.” 

11.  Do not kill yourself on this. This should take you LESS THAN 30 minutes to film. After 3-4 takes, walk away. Take a look at what you have much later (do not wait until the last minute). Don’t worry about getting it “right” or perfect, yet make sure you are prepared. It is a self tape, after all. :)

We want to see choices. Remember this is your time to show your gift and do your thing. Have fun!

12. After filming, make sure you follow the submission instructions. ALWAYS include your name in the file’s title along with the project title.

13. Involve your peers! Help each other out!