Strayer-Wood Theatre

SWT SeatingThe main stage of the Strayer-Wood Theatre shares its name with the theatre building, the Strayer-Wood Theatre. The house contains 416 fixed seats and 268 movable seats in three sections and ten entrances.

The mixture of fixed and movable seating allows the stage to be used in a variety of configurations, including thrust, proscenium, and arena. An orchestra pit on the lower level contains a 31' x 7.5' lift that can be raised to the stage level and lowered to the basement. The stage has 5 stage traps and a 22' x 40'-48' proscenium opening. Upstage of the proscenium, there is a 54' walkable grid above the stage, 52 line sets used for hanging electrics and scenery, and a stage left and right mid-rail loading gallery equipped with a pin rail system.

The Strayer-Wood is equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting package, including over 200 2.4 kw dimmers, a steadily growing inventory of 200+ lighting instruments, 4 moving light instruments, and an ETC Ion lighting control board. Over the house, there is an AP (anti-proscenium) walkable grid with seven catwalks with lighting capabilities.

A complete audio and sound effects system in the Strayer-Wood includes a 32-channel mixer, digital audio work station, and wireless capabilities.

The Strayer-Wood Theatre is also equipped with wireless internet access.