Department of Theatre

Gretta Berghammer

Gretta Berghammer teaches coursework in drama education and theatre for youth at the

University of Northern Iowa.  She serves as the Artistic Director for the Sturgis Youth Theatre, a 

community-based theatre providing class and production-related experiences for students ages 

4-16. In 2010 she founded the Spectrum Theatre program for kids on and off the Autism 

Spectrum which provides in and after school drama based interventions that best support the 

development of pretend play, social interaction and non-verbal communication.  

The primary focus of Ms. Berghammer’s creative work has been in the development of 

performance pieces, Theatre in Education programs, and staged productions that focus on 

critical social issues or works designed specifically for spectrum specific youth audiences.

In 2014 Professor Berghammer received the Autism Society of Iowa Stephen Tsai Award for 

Excellence in Autism Education.

Gretta Berghammer
(319) 273-2149
M.F.A. Theatre for Youth/Creative Drama, University of Texas at Austin