Department of Theatre

Guest Artists

In addition to a faculty and staff of theatre professionals with diverse educational and artistic experiences, the department frequently hosts other theatre professionals as guest artists, both in the classroom and productions.

Guest artists have included:

Cat Chow, visual artist

Matt Anderson, scenic designer

Aaron DeYoung, sound designer

Linda Roethke, costume designer

Larry Paulsen, director and actor

Catherine Norgren, costume designer

Mary (Tharp) Booty, actor

Jay Jagim, scenic designer

Michael Mullin, actor

Wieslaw Gorski, playwright

Matt Mullin, actor

James DeVita, playwright

Richard Devin, lighting designer

Brendan McCall, actor and movement specialist

Steve Gilliam, scenic designer

David DelColletti, lighting designer

Kim Hines, director

SST Theatre of Chicago

Holly Hughes, performance artist

Susan Grace Cohen

Catherine Weidner, The Shakespeare Theatre

Jill S. Dolan and Stacy E. Wolf, feminist theatre scholars

Gloria Naylor, playwright

Joan McTeer, costume designer

Aaron Cabel, actor

Susan Colverd, British director

Tony Bish, props artisan

Split Britches Theatre Company

Mark Harvey, lighting designer

Chris WoodLighting Designer  

Marzena Paludan, movement specialist

Augusto Boal, director and theoretican

J.E. Franklin, playwright

Pip Gordon, lighting designer

 Joel Waggoner, music director