Department of Theatre

Spring 2018 Auditions

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Hair Workshop!  October 24th 7-9pm in the Strayer-Wood Theatre. This is a chance to learn some of the music and get a headstart!

Hair (opens February 22, closes March 4)

Please prepare:

MAJORS: one 1-minute contemporary monologue that is similar to the show in style
32 bars of a late 60’s/early 70’s pop/rock song YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN SHEET MUSIC

Non-Majors: One 1-minute contemporary monologue/reading from theatre, film, literature or TV. Must showcase your personality. Does not have to be memorized

Verse and chouus of a 60s/70s pop/rock song with sheet music or karaoke track 


*These auditions will be held in the Acting Practice Room

Doubt (opens April 5, closes April 15 – tour dates on 4/19 + 4/21)

Please prepare one 1-minute contemporary dramatic/serious monologue.
*These auditions will be held in CAC 108


10/31 - 6 pm

Hair auditions (acting, singing) APR

Doubt auditions (acting) CAC 108


*It is possible that there will be a delay between the two audition segments for individuals.


11/1- 7:30 pm

Hair auditions (dance) WRC 185/187

Doubt callbacks CAC 108


11/2 Hair callbacks - 6pm APR


The cast of Hair will be asked to return to campus before classes for some period of time for intensive music/dance workshops.