Department of Theatre

Wise Broadway Tour Application

Bob Wise was a theatre enthusiast and UNI alum who wanted to provide a unique opportunity for students.  Through his generosity in creating the Robert O. Wise Broadway Tour Endowment, two or three theatre majors who are currently juniors are selected to go to New York City.  They will have an opportunity to see several Broadway shows and to experience other cultural (and culinary) offerings of the city.

The gift specifies that selected students must have a minimum 3.0 theatre major GPA.  Two Theatre faculty and three senior majors, preferably members of APO-TAP and preferably past recipients of the Wise Broadway Tour Award, will choose the two or three students and one alternate by reviewing submitted applications.



Please provide an essay (1-2 pages w/ attachments as needed) that explains your goals for a trip to New York City.  Discuss why you want to go and what you envision to be the ideal itinerary for you.  How will this trip enable your growth as a theatre artist?  What connections do you hope to achieve?  Approval on applications will require that you show thorough research on possible opportunities, both theatrical and non-theatrical.  It is important that you provide a very specific itinerary based on that research and communicate how that itinerary meets your interests and goals.  You should anticipate that you would leave early enough on a Thursday to see a show that evening, and return on a Monday morning. As part of your itinerary, Theatre faculty and staff will assist you in making contacts to meet with UNI Theatre alumni in the city.

APPLICATION DUE: Late March for travel in November.