Department of Theatre

Portfolio Advice

Every semester the design and production faculty organize reviews of student portfolios and resumés. These sessions are designed to help students with the guided development of portfolios and resumés. They are also opportunities for faculty to identify suitable production assignments for students.  Portfolio reviews are mandatory for all design and production emphasis students and open to all theatre majors and minors.

Participation in portfolio reviews provides guidance for developing and improving your portfolio incrementally, semester by semester. This is a more manageable and less daunting approach than trying to put it all together in the final semester of your senior year. Also, participation in portfolio reviews is a requirement for design and production students who want to apply for Department of Theatre scholarships. Student dress and conduct at portfolio reviews should be guided by a sense of professionalism appropriate for professional theatre practitioners.

Beginning students often feel as if they have no materials worthy of inclusion in a portfolio. Not so! Many of the assignments that you will be doing in classes and in production generate work appropriate for a portfolio. What follows are some suggestions for how to develop a portfolio and resumé for the purpose of successfully marketing yourself as a theatre professional.