Department of Theatre

UNI Department of Theatre Audition Policy

All Performance emphasis students are required to audition for all Strayer-Wood Theatre productions. Permission to not participate in a given production must be given by the Performance Committee. You must submit a written request which outlines the reasons why you are unable to participate. This should be addressed to the Performance Committee and be turned into the main office. Even if you are unable to participate in a production you must still audition for it.

Participation in UNISTA productions does not excuse you from participation in Strayer-Wood Theatre productions. Requests to not participate in a given production must be submitted prior to auditions so that the directors are aware of student availability.

Preparation is expected for all auditions. Directors will communicate to the Performance Committee the names of those who were not prepared for their audition. The Department is making every effort to ensure you can audition and be cast in all shows. The directors, in any given semester, will negotiate casting individuals that would be unable to do this because of overlapping rehearsal schedules.