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Beyond classes and shows, there are many ways to stay active in the department, such as becoming involved in one or more of the Student Organizations.

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Theatre Core

The Theatre Core, is common to all Theatre majors. This core of courses supports our departmental goal of creating well-rounded, collaborative theatre artists. By experiencing coursework in all areas of theatre, students graduate with a breadth of knowledge that is in line with the philosophy of the liberal arts-based BA degree.


Goal One: Communication: Students will display competence in oral, written, and visual communication in and about theatre.


1.1 Students will effectively communicate creative ideas to demonstrate foundational knowledge in all areas of theatre. 

1.2 Students will demonstrate competency in written communication in order to communicate, analyze and critique their own work and the work of others. 

1.3 Students will understand how theatre communicates ideas in order to communicate through their own work. 


Goal Two: Critical Thinking: Students will demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources in order to make informed choices in and about theatre.


2.1 - Students will analyze a variety of theatrical texts in order to inform their own work and interpret the work of others. 

2.2 - Students will evaluate the relationship between history, culture, and theatre to understand the connection between art and the culture in which it is created. 

2.3 Students will apply critical thinking skills and content knowledge to authentic and practical theatrical situations.


Goal Three: Content Knowledge/Skills: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and skills required to create theatre. 


3.1 Students will apply foundational skills in all areas of theatre in order to participate in the creation of theatre.

3.2 Students will experience the creative process from inception to execution in order to create their own work.

3.3 Students will connect knowledge and skills between all areas of theatre in order to become well-rounded theatre artists.