Department of Theatre

Performance Emphasis

This degree option uses the same core of theatre classes as the B.A. in Theatre Arts, but provides advanced coursework that is specific to the Performance Emphasis. This major provides a theatre curriculum and a production environment which encompass the following learning goals:

Goal #1

Communication: Graduates will display competence in oral, written, and visual communication of character and self


Outcome 1.1: Students will create written materials that are in line with industry standards.
Outcome 1.2: Students will perform dramatic material in a way that communicates a character’s intentions to an audience.
Outcome 1.3: Students will communicate effectively to facilitate collaboration


Goal #2

Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources in order to make informed choices about character and self.


Outcome 2.1: Students will evaluate available material and their own strengths to select appropriate material.
Outcome 2.2: Students will conduct research appropriate to the development of a character.
Outcome 2.3: Students will evaluate own strengths, weaknesses and knowledge about the business of acting to make choices about trajectory in the profession.


Goal #3

Content Knowledge/Skills: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and skills required for theatre performance


Outcome 3.1: Students will design, prepare, and execute a professional audition.
Outcome 3.2: Students will apply learned techniques of voice, body, and mind to the creation of a character.
Outcome 3.3: Students will collaborate with others in order to create theatre.


Curriculum Requirements


Download the Curriculum Requirements for this program.