Department of Theatre

Drama & Theatre for Youth Emphasis

This degree option uses the same core of theatre classes as the B.A. in Theatre Arts, but provides advanced coursework that is specific to the Drama & Theatre for Youth Emphasis. This major provides a theatre curriculum and a production environment which encompass the following learning goals:


Goal #1 Communication: Graduates will display competence in oral, written, and visual communication in Drama/Theatre for Youth.

1.1: Students will create written materials that are in line with industry standards.

1.2: Students will perform or teach dramatic material in a way that communicates directly to youth audiences/participants of various ages and abilities.

1.3: Students will communicate effectively to facilitate collaboration.


Goal #2 Critical Thinking: Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to evaluate, analyze, and integrate information from a variety of sources in order to make informed choices for developing youth based theatre and drama programming.

2.1: Students will evaluate available material and their own strengths to select or develop appropriate material for performance, workshop or classroom.

2.2: Students will conduct research appropriate to the development of productions, lessons and workshops.

2.3: Students will evaluate own strengths, weaknesses and knowledge about the business of theatre and drama education to make choices about trajectory in the profession.  


Goal #3 Content Knowledge/Skills: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and skills required for Drama/Theatre for Youth.
3.1: Students will design, prepare, and execute a professional youth theatre/drama education portfolio.

3.2: Students will apply learned techniques for lesson plan development, assessment and evaluation, dramatic literature review and to their development as a teaching artist.

3.3: Students will collaborate with others in order to create theatre.

3.4: Students will know and apply the basic elements, models, and content of sequential standards for youth theatre and drama programs.


Curriculum Requirements

Download the Curriculum Requirements for this program.