Department of Theatre

Design and Production Emphasis

This degree option uses the same core of theatre classes as the B.A. in Theatre Arts, but provides advanced coursework that is specific to the Design and Production Emphasis. This major provides a theatre curriculum and a production environment which encompass the following learning goals:


Goal One:  Students will recognize the creative imagination and impulse and identify its relationship to artistic collaboration, standards, judgments, ethics, and discipline from the design and production point of view.

1.1 Students will explore professions in design and production for the theatre.

1.2 Students possess a vocabulary of the concepts and terms related to theatrical design.

1.3 Students are able to participate in critique of their own work and the work of others using a prescribed language of critique vocabulary.

1.4 Students can demonstrate the ability to use elements and principles of design for self- expression.

Goal Two: Students will recognize and apply practical and theoretical knowledge of the processes by which creative impulses are channeled into design and production projects for the theatre.

2.1 Students can create the practical application tools necessary to execute a theatrical design.

2.2 Students can develop and carry out a list of necessary tasks and calendar of deadlines to successfully complete a production assignment.

2.3 Students will know and demonstrate practical and theoretical design and production processes and techniques.

2.4 Students will apply evocative and factual research to design and production activities.

 Goal Three:  Students will know and communicate how to analyze and interpret plays and other theatrical events from design and production perspectives.

3.1 Students can create an original theatrical design for a play based on script analysis and historical research.

3.2 Students can prepare and deliver a public presentation for a play.

Curriculum Requirements

Download the Curriculum Requirements for this program.