Department of Theatre

Design and Production Emphasis

This degree option uses the same core of theatre classes as the B.A. in Theatre Arts, but provides advanced coursework that is specific to the Design and Production Emphasis. This major provides a theatre curriculum and a production environment which encompass the following learning goals:


Goal #1 Communication:  Graduates will display competence in the oral, written, and visual communication inherent in theatrical Design & Production.

1.1- Students demonstrate the ability to share original design ideas thorough visual media, using language of design/theatre.

1.2- Students will articulate the the relationship of the creative impulse to artistic collaboration, standards, judgments, ethics, and discipline from the design and production point of view. 


Goal #2 Critical Thinking:  Graduates will demonstrate critical thinking through the ability to evaluate, analyze, and integrate a variety of information in order to develop reasoned positions and solutions to problems found in the Design & Production disciplines.

2.1- Students will know and communicate how to analyze and interpret plays and other theatrical events from design and production perspectives.

2.2- Students will create an original theatrical design for a play based on script analysis and historical/evocative research.

2.3- Students will demonstrate discernment by evaluating their own work and the work of others using a learned vocabulary of critique.


Goal #3 Content Knowledge:  Graduates will demonstrate the creativity, knowledge and skills necessary for a career in Theatrical Design & Production.

3.1- Through scaffolding participation in productions students will demonstrate practical and theoretical knowledge of the practices by which creative impulses are channeled into theatrical design and production.

3.2- Students will explore professions in design and production for the theatre through classwork and production assignments at UNI. They are encouraged to seek outside opportunities.


Curriculum Requirements

Download the Curriculum Requirements for this program.