Department of Theatre

Seeking Iowa Thespian Festival Volunteers!

Seeking Iowa Thespian Festival Volunteers!
The Department of Theatre would like to invite you to volunteer to help with the 2011 Iowa Thespian Festival!! 

The Iowa Thespian Festival is a 2-day event which brings together over 1000 high school students, teachers and chaperones from across the state of Iowa to celebrate Theatre Arts.  The University of Northern Iowa has paired with Iowa Thespians to host the Festival for a second time.  The Festival is a tremendous opportunity for UNI Students to share their knowledge and love of Theatre, as well as represent and promote UNI to a younger generation.    

When you volunteer to help with the Iowa Thespian Festival, you become known as a "Purple Shirt" - a source of information and guidance to all festival participants and a symbol of the University of Northern Iowa.

Given the magnitude and nature of the Festival, every set of helping hands is welcomed.  We have a number of areas needing volunteers, and we can accommodate even the busiest of schedules.  Volunteering is fun, and you get a FREE purple shirt...need we say more?

If you are interested in helping with the festival, please use the following instructions:

1.      If you are signed in to your G-mail account, sign out.

2.      Go to the following link:

3.      Login using the following information:

-          Username: IowaThespianVolunteer

-          Password: volunteer2011

(Please do not login using your own personal Gmail/UNI account information.  This will not grant you access to the Google Site)

4.      Click on the Volunteer Opportunities page on the navigation bar to the left. Read through the descriptions of all Volunteer Opportunities.

5.      Click on the "Become a Purple-Shirt" page on the navigation bar to the left.

6.      Completely fill out the form on that page, and click SUBMIT

 Someone will be in touch with you shortly to provide additional information and confirm your volunteer form with you.