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Theatre UNI's The Great God Pan is preparing for their opening next week

The Great God Pan

"Theatre UNI Presents The Great God Pan. It’s been over 25 years since Jamie has been with his childhood friend, Frank, and now, in the midst of a blossoming career and personal life, Frank tells Jamie that he may have been a victim of sexual abuse as a child. Promising to be a heartwrenching production, this workshopped piece will show us what it’s like to be truly exposed and vulnerable and what happens when we can no longer hide those feelings.  

We’re only a week away from the opening of the show and the production team is getting geared up for a wonderful weekend of performances. Utilizing a workshop-esque type of process, the cast has had a larger part in the production process to ensure that the show is driven by the dialogue and less by a complex set or lighting design. The show has been designed to be more organic to make it a more powerful experience for the audience.  Directed by Richard Glockner, The Great God Pan runs April 8-11 and tickets are available through, or by calling (319) 273-4849."