Department of Theatre

Alumni Updates

Brad Carlson is a UNI alumni who graduated in 2003. Currently, he is the Assistant Professor of Scenic Design at the University of Missouri. Most recently, Brad was recognized by the American College Theatre Festival as a production critique. This award recognizes his serivces as he goes to other universities productions and gives constructive feedback. Below, Brad describes what the award means for him:

"I was honored to be one of two who received the KCACTF Region V Road Warrior award. I was nominated by one of the many college programs that I responded to this season. This is my second year serving on the regional selection committee and third year responding in the region. I have done some responding in region 3 before taking the position in Missouri. Here is the description on the nomination form from the region V website.

 The KCACTF Region V "Road Warrior Award" is intended to provide special recognition for people who often function as unsung heroes of the festival: the Regional Production Respondents. As is often said, the on-site response is the heart and soul of the KCACTF mission of learning about the theatre, and every weekend many of our colleagues donate their time and talents toward that mission."