Department of Theatre

Alumnae presents workshop on Mindfulness

This past Monday afternoon, The Department had the privilege of hosting a workshop featuring former alumnae of the Department, Sarah Noll. The workshop, titled, Mindful Presence, focused on the idea that we spend a majority of our days on autopilot, and we do this instead of being aware of what surrounds us in our everyday lives. The goal for the afternoon was to be present, in the moment, and to change the way our brains think to a more positive mindset.

Additionally, Sarah walked a handful of students in the Department through various techniques on focusing in the moment to ensure they’re having authentic and genuine actions when dealing with everyday events. The students were introduced to this through breathing techniques, focusing on putting and releasing tension in various parts of the body to give acknowledgment to this tension.

Sarah is currently working as both an adjunct professor at Drake University as well as a Talent and Development Business Partner at ARAG.