Department of Theatre

The Carol Colburn Design Scholarship

Carol Colburn spent close to 30 years in the department as a faculty member and costume designer. Since the early 1980’s, Dr. Colburn helped shape the shows hitting the Strayer-Wood Theatre stages and the lives of numerous students. Her costume design work did more than dress the characters in appropriate garb - she sought layers of meaning in her choices that were quite deep and that drew on her skill at research to make substantial connections to the texts and worlds of the plays. Carol always sought to live through and beyond the productions and blend her theatre with all sorts of other areas. For several years she participated in Weaving and Design workshops in Telemark, Norway where she studied and practiced folk approaches to clothing. As an internationally recognized expert on Folk Dress traditions, she has been invited to write for encyclopedias and is heavily involved in the museum community.

Carol retired in 2012 and this scholarship was established in her name to recognize the significant contributions she made to the department in the area of Costume Design during her career. It was her wish that this scholarship be awarded to a deserving Design & Production emphasis Theatre major.

For 2016-17, this scholarship is being awarded to:

no award given