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Representative Alumni

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* indicates former program guest artists, visiting lecturers and speakers



Chad Albert (2010) - Master Electrician, American Stage Company

Julie (Baldwin) Thoreen (2010) - Program Assistant, UNI Study Abroad Center

Tom Kobes (2010) -Stage Manager for Curious Theatre Company, Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids and Wolf Theatre Academy, Denver Co., Drama Teacher at KIPP Denver Collegiate High School

Eden Neuendorf (2010)- Artistic Coordinator, California Shakespeare Theater

Dani Jo Stephenson (2010) - Contract teaching artist, Omaha

Ronnie Wells (2010) - Props Master, Omaha Rose Theatre Company


Juli Acton (2000) - Rental Assistant, Costume Rentals, Minneapolis

Lewis Atkin (2002) - Carpentry Department Head, Fandango Productions, LLC.

Jade Bettin (2003) - Adjunct Asst. Professor of Costume, UNC Chapel Hill

Angela Brommel (2001) – Director of Arts & Culture Initiatives/Part-time faculty at Nevada State College

Brad Carlson (2003) - Assistant Professor of Scenic Design, University of Missouri

Nate Coon (2006) - Technical Director, Des Moines Playhouse

Chelsea (Cunningham) Haaland (2008) - Theatre Teacher

 Sam Dean (2003) - Reimbursement Manager, Neuronetics, Inc, Minneapolis, Mn.

*Aaron DeYoung (2004) - Sound Designer

Tom Fagerholm (2003) - MFA Candidate in Technical Direction, Minnesota Sate University, Mankato

*Eugenia Furneaux (2004) - Production Manager at Rattlestick Playwrights' Theater, Freelance Set Designer, NYC

Andrea (Goergen) Johnson (2004) - Speech and Theatre Teacher, Dallas/Fort Worth High School

 Carmelita Guse (2003) - Performer, Minneapolis, Minnesota Opera

 Nick Hodge (2005) - Artistic Staff, Old Creamery Theatre Company, Amana, IA

*Justin Hossle (2004) - Stage Manager, Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis

Ben Kass (2006) - Resident Performer, iO Theatre, Chicago

*Chad Kolbe (2000) - Assistant Professor, Technical Production, Viterbo University

Joe Link (2000) - Language Arts Teacher, Jefferson High School, Cedar Rapids, IA

Josh Mullady (2008) - Actor/Educator, Omaha Theater Company 

Jenny (Nutting) Kelchen (2000) - Resident Costume Designer and Shop Supervisor, Cornell College

Ryan Penning (2009) - Theatre and Speech Teacher, Waterloo West High School

Sarah (Noll) Wilson (2003) - Experiential Learning Professional, Des Moines

Jessie (Wilson) Phillips (2000) - Co-founder and Artistic Director, Tallgrass Theatre Company, Des Moines

Ben Powell (2002) - Assistant Professor of Speech, Theatre, and Communication, CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College

Hans Pregler (2008) - Production Manager, Wartburg College

Katie-Sue Nicklos (2004) - Business Manager, Timberlake Studios, NYC

Karissa Riehl (2006) - Stagehand, NYC

Sarah Rinner (2000) - Elementary School Program Director  

Andy Shaw (2008) - Flyman/Rigger, NETworks Productions LLC 

Kevin Sullivan (2007) -  Subscriber Services Manager at the Manhattan Theatre Club

Andrea Tonsfeldt (2000) - Marketing Associate, The Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts, Minneapolis

Jessica Van Essen (2009) MFA Candidate in Costume Design, Wayne State University

Brianne Waychoff (2001) - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Rhetoric, Communication, and Theatre, St. Johns University

Gabe Wilkinson (2007) - Commercial Producer, KWWL Television

Anna Marie Wilharm (2008) - Marketing and Education Outreach Coordinator, Community Performance Series, Potsdam, NY

Jess White (2004) - Pre-press Manager, Scholastic Publishing

*Jamie Wolfe (2004) - Stage Manager, Goodman Theatre


*Matthew A. Anderson (1994) - Creative Director, Ex-Machina Design and Marketing; 2001 Emmy Award winning scenic designer

John Bagby (1990) - Associate Professor of Theatre Design, SUNY Oneonta

Jill Beebout (1992) - Managing Director, Illuminations...Theatre with the Deaf

Jeff Boorom (1996) - Interpreter and Costumer at Fort Snelling, Minnesota Historical Society

James Davis (1999)- Assistant Professor of Theatre & Performance Studies, Kennesaw State University

 Emily Dunn (1993) - Assistant Costumer/Cutter, Smith College

 Robert Grady (1993) - Artistic Director, The Spartan Theatre

*Kate Hefel (1997) - Equity Stage Manager, currently pursuing Master's in Childhood Education

John Kaufman (1993) - Professor, Beloit College, Wisconsin

Cory Losenicky (1997) - Theatre Arts Teacher, Greenway High School, Glendale AZ

Matt Downs McAdon (1999) - Scenic Designer, NYC

Julie McLaughlin (1997) - Fiber Artist

*Matt Mullin (1997) - Actor/Writer, NYC

 *Scott Olinger (1996) - Production Manager/Lighting & Scenic Designer/Faculty, Cornell College

Jason Palmquist (1993) - Executive Director, Hubbard Street Dance Company

Teresa Petersen (1998) - Consultant, Fisher Dachs Associates, Theatre Planning and Design

Mark Ruark (1999) - Lighting Designer, Rhythmic Circus, Xelias Aerial Arts

*Katrina Sandvik (1994) – Costume Designer, Waterloo Community Playhouse

Corey Shipler (1997) - Charge Scenic Artist-Huntington Theatre Company, Boston

James Stephenson (1999) - Co-founder and Technical Director, Tallgrass Theatre, Des Moines

Randy Steffen (1997) - Technical Director, Syracuse Stage

*Tyler Stilwill (1993) - Sales, Trader Joe's; Former Director, Black Hawk Children's Theatre

Mark Strabala (1999) - Language Arts/Speech/Theatre Teacher, Jesup High School

Angie Toomsen (1997) - Director of Content Strategy, MedTouch; Freelance Theater Director.


*Brenda (Bedard) DeVita (1989) - Casting Director, American Players Theatre

Michael Boudewyns (1989) - Actor; co-founder Really Inventive Stuff - orchestra credits: Philadelphia, Saint Louis, Milwaukee, Richmond, Charlotte, New Haven

Phillip Buchanan (1982) - Production Supervisor at Derse, Inc., Chicago

Leann Diercksen (1984)  - Costumer, Cruise Ship Line

Michael Dunagan (1989) - Director of Institutional Giving, National Building Museum (Smithsonian)

Tina Hantula (1982)  - Costume Designer and Technologist, University of Georgia

 Neal Perry Jacobs (1983/90) - Instructor in Communications, Hawkeye Community College; Library Assistant, City of Cedar Falls.

John Jensen (1989) - Freelance Artist, South Burlington, VT.

Tom Neville (1983) - Theatre Consultant, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander, Performing Arts/Media Facilities Planning and Design

*Bill O'Brien (1985) – Former Director of Theater and Musical Theater, National Endowment for the Arts

Tim Slaven (1982)  - Theatre Instructor, North Iowa Community College

 Steph (Steil) Hoppe (1989)  - Senior Director Marketing, 7-Eleven, Inc.

Sara Young (1988) - Stage Manager, American Players Theatre


Cheryl (Ammeter) Owen (1979) - Actress/Writer/Voiceover Artist, Dallas; credits include "Barney and Friends"

J. David Carey (1974) – Administrative and Finance Director, Theatre Cedar Rapids

*Steve Gilliam (1970) – Faculty Designer, Trinity University; Scenic Designer for National Tour, Fiddler on the Roof

Linda Grimm (1971)  - Theatre Instructor, University of Northern Iowa

Jeanne (Hickerson) Paulsen (1974) - Actor, Tony Award nominee for The Kentucky Cycle

Ron Keller (1978) - Head of design, Virginia Commonwealth University

Gregg Lauterbach (1977) - Actor, A Beautiful Mind; national touring company of Music Man

David McCarl (1977) - Costume Designer, Minnesota State University

*Larry Paulsen (1977) - Director, Actor

 *Michael J. Peitz (1972) - Executive Director, Educational Theatre Association

Jeff Steitzer (1975) - Artistic Director, The Empty Space, A Contemporary Theatre, Seattle; Broadway credits include Inherit the Wind, Mary Poppins, Halo

 *Mary (Tharp) Booty (1975) - Actor


Judith (Lauer) Adamson (1967) - Head of Costume Technology Program, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

David Adamson (1967) - Department of Dramatic Art, Director of Undergraduate Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rick Anderson (1977) - Director of Theatre, Kirkwood Community College 

*Richard Devin (1966) - Former Producing Artistic Director, Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Thomas P. Johnson (1966) – Co Producer, Iowa Theatre Artists Company

Roger Meeker (1960) - Associate Director, Design & Production, Boston University

Phyllis Somerville (1966) - Actress; credits include The Big C (HBO), Oscar nominee, Little Children

Sean Whitesell (1960) - Producer/Writer/Actor; credits include Push, Nevada and OZ (HBO)