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Eric Lange

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The Department of Theatre supports the idea that every Iowa high school student should have at least one arts-related curricular experience as a requirement for graduation.

UNI's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the Liberal Arts education of those students who have a passion for theatre. We currently serve close to 120 majors and minors in a well-designed and well-equipped facility with three performance spaces.

In conjunction with strong budgets and strong faculty, we use the classroom experience and productions to teach you the art, craft, and process of communicating through theatre.

In April of 2014, The University of Northern Iowa Department of Theatre gained accreditation through the National Association of Schools of Theatre (NAST). *NAST is the national accrediting agency for theatre and theatre-related disciplines and is made up of approximately 200 schools of theatre. The granting of accredited membership is a sign that an institution has met an external set of basic criteria for its programs. It also indicates an ability to provide a base of academic strength and operational integrity. The NAST website can be found at

Freshman students are often cast in our shows, and all Theatre students are attached to productions and engaged in departmental classes right from the beginning. Some of the classes require lots of hours; the productions keep everybody in the department busy- all the time. The payoff is learning how to communicate and work together in an environment where people are valued for their unique traits and talents.

If you are open to new perspectives and experiences, we'll take you to the next level of your theatre life.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Department of Theatre is to engage students, audiences, community members, teachers and guest artists in diverse, innovative and captivating theatre that illuminates the human condition. The department's coursework and productions serve both students preparing for a life in the theatre and those preparing a place for theatre in their lives. We create theatre, and in this process, educate.

Vision Statement:

The Department of Theatre aspires to be the premier regional undergraduate theatre training program for Performance, Design and Production, Theatre for Youth and Community, and Musical Theatre. 

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