Department of Theatre

UNI's Department of Theatre is dedicated to the Liberal Arts education of those students who have a passion for theatre. We currently serve close to 120 majors and minors. Working with strong faculty, a well-designed and well-equipped facility with three performance spaces, and strong budgets, we use the classroom experience and productions to teach you the art, craft, and process of communicating through theatre.


Thursday, Apr 18, 2019

Auditions for the Fall 2019 Theatre UNI productions of One in the Chamber and Cabaret will take place on September 8 and 9, with callbacks on 9/10-12.

There will be an audition workshop for new students and non-Theatre majors on September 3. At this workshop, students will learn part of a song from Cabaret and be provided with information about what to expect at the audition.

Returning students will have 4-minute audition slots and should prepare the following:

1 monologue (up to 90 seconds) that is appropriate to the shows being auditioned.

Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015

Our guest lighting designer for RENT was Chris Wood, who is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Lighting Design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Chris has a working relationship with Elation Professional Lighting Products, and he arranged for them to provide us with a significant package of lighting equipment for Chris to "test-drive" on our production. 

Chris said "They are very excited to work with us. We should be getting 6 moving light wash units, 4 moving light profile units, 6 LED Ellipsoidals, and 6 LED strip lights. This is around $65,000 of gear."

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2015

Several of our students will be embarking on cross country journeys in order to participate in their summer internships. Although they are going a bit far from home, they are positive that the work they will accomplish this coming summer will benefit them greatly for years to come.